About SWAN

Our Mission Statement


stick_figure_family_pets_portrait_1600_clr_3932To provide practical support to families who are under stress due to substance use issues within the Family setting, using professional, holistic approach in a confidential, respectful and non-judgmental environment.

(Family= grandparents, parents, children, siblings, partners including the individual in/not in recovery)


Aims of SWAN

  1. custom_contract_16045To provide a broad range of quality services to families and communities who are under stress because of drug and alcohol use issues within the family setting.
  2. To provide counselling around drug and alcohol issues, sexual trauma, violence in relationships and issues around suicide.
  3. To continuously monitor and evaluate the services offered by SWAN FSO and their impact on families and communities.
  4. To establish and maintain links with Statutory, Voluntary and Community agencies working at local and national levels on the issues of drug and alcohol.
  5. SWAN is a community based not for profit family support organisation.


SWAN is delighted to be supported with workers provided through community employment which is funded by the Department of Social Protection.

SWAN is a community based not for profit family support organisation and is funded by Tallaght Drug and Alcohol Task Force (TDAFT) & TUSLA Child and Family Agency.


Our funders ensure that the Swan Family Support Service is sufficiently resourced and able to provide the day-to-day services as outlined on our website.

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Donations are gratefully accepted.

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