Auricular Acupuncture

Here at SWAN we use the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) Protocols. NADA EIREANN certification to perform Auricular Detoxification Therapy is offered to those who have successfully completed a NADA EIREANN approved training program.  NADA EIREANN is recognised as an affiliated international training body of NADA USA.

ear-acupuncture2Auricular Acupressure (ear acupuncture or acudetox) is the insertion of disposable acupuncture needles into the five auricular acupuncture points for the purpose of  treatment of substance misuse. craving, and generally creates a feeling of well-beign.  According to Traditional Chinese Acupuncture the ear contains acupuncture points pertaining to many important parts of the body. Auricular  Acupuncture is used to improve the body’s flow of vital energy (also known as ‘chi’ or ‘qi’) and to restore balance between yin and yang (two opposing but complimentary energies) within the internal organs.


Benefits reported by patients and health care providers are:

  • Improved retention in drug treatment programs.
  • More optimistic attitudes about detoxification and recovery.
  • Reductions in cravings and anxiety.
  • Fewer episodes of sleep disturbance; and
  • Reduced need for pharmaceuticals.


auricular-acupunctureWhile the NADA protocol is an important component of any detoxification program, it is by no means the only component. A patient’s behavior and attitude, along with the perceptions of the clinician delivering care, are also integral to successful treatment.

We at SWAN strive to ensure that the environment in which the treatment is given is relaxing and calming. The treatments are delivered by our professional, dedicated staff, who strive to ensure that all our clients receive the best care possible.






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