Nat Natters

Die-ing to be Skinnythree_documents_18433In a world dominant with social media and reality TV stars having an influence upon how our young teenagers and adults want to look physically, how to act, and also how and what to drink, we have to be extremely careful as to what is being portrayed and the reality of what happens in real life, which brings me to an article I read on social media about how drinking Gin has over 10 health benefits one being it can help you to lose weight as it speeds up your metabolism.

mineral-water-1532300_640I was shocked and horrified at the statements they made within this article. Not only did they say that it would help to speed up your metabolism, help to fight against cancer, get rid of wrinkles, it also advises you to eat gin soaked raisins to help with arthritis and in my opinion, the worst of all is that it helps to fight against kidney and liver disease.


These statements are detrimental to all of the readers especially those who are influenced with wanting to lose weight and may be influenced in thinking that by drinking Gin they are doing things the healthy way. This is of course a non-realistic statement.  There was not one mention of the danger of alcohol or the real effect it can have on your body and your close friends and families.

alcoholism-1825900_640Findings from research on alcohol consumption in Ireland states that among those who drink alcohol, the majority are doing so in a harmful manner.  It showed that younger drinkers most likely do so, and the results of this behaviour results in 3 deaths per day related to alcohol consumption.

liver-disease-s4a-alcoholic-cirrhosisThe research carried out by ‘Alcohol Ireland’ found that liver disease rates are increasing rapidly in Ireland and the greatest level of increase is among 15-to-34-year-olds, who historically had the lowest rates of liver disease. So for the article to state that Gin which contains a high percentage of alcohol fights against kidney and liver disease is simply ridiculous.

Their statement that Gin fights against cancer is truly shocking, when in fact 900 people in Ireland are diagnosed with alcohol-related cancers and around 500 people die from these diseases every year and this is the harsh reality.

Young adults and teenagers have now been known to be “Drunkarexic”. Drunkorexia is not an official medical term. But it hints at a troubling phenomenon in addiction and eating disorders. Among those who are described as drunkorexics are; college-age binge drinkers, typically women, but a growing number of males, who starve all day to offset the calories in the alcohol they consume.

pexels-photo-112327These young men or women are taking dieting to the extreme, rather than be healthy and eat healthy they are using calories in order to have alcohol. This will have major affects in the future on not only their physical health but on their mental health. Suicide is then a high risk factor for these young adults which is very frightening.

Articles like this need to be shut down ! I have discussed just how bad alcohol can be on the body and this is only the tip of the iceberg as to its affects on your body, your mental health and on your loved ones.

Is being skinny really worth the long harrowing affects that alcohol will cause, is it worth the high risk of death! I think not.

Please remember to drink alcohol sensibly and be aware that there are never any health benefits from drinking alcohol. I am attaching a link which will provide you with all the information needed regarding your alcohol intake and the research of all the harm it can cause including the hidden harm on young children.